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Display Advertising is the placement of graphical ads for a business on 3rd party, independent websites across the internet. Most of us have seen the display network in action when we spot an ad from a business whose website we previously visited. Watch what happens next time you book a flight somewhere, the same travel website will no doubt start offering you hotels and car hire too! This practice is called Remarketing/Retargeting and is a powerful way to follow up with people who previously visited your website. Most of our experiences with Remarketing are sales driven, often to the point of causing irritation. But if thought through, Remarketing can be a very elegant way of continuing a conversation with your visitors too.

Beyond Remarketing, the Display Network offers us another way of reaching new people we want to target. Once you have a good idea of your perfect audience demographic and tastes, Display Advertising can help you reach new people within your target groups.

Google Adwords is the main source of Display Advertising. There are over 2 million websites (data source: Google Adwords) showing Google Ads across content, video and webpages. The Google Display Network includes YouTube and Gmail.

Beyond Google, there are also smaller Display Networks for Yahoo, Bing plus a host of networks that have a topic or geographic focus too. We have access to a number of 3rd party websites, forums and groups specifically for the UK that cover a range of industries and tastes too.

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