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About phil


y name is Phil Byrne, welcome to my company – Positive Sparks. I am a web marketeer with nearly 20 years experience in the online world. Across that time, I’ve ran my own online travel business, been a director of a multi skill marketing company and helped all kinds of people find their way to success online.

I have my own style of web marketing. An approach that mixes my creative and tech loving sides together. I also have some great experience in running a business overall, both on and offline. In fact, one of the main differences I will bring to your web marketing is an understanding of how to look at it in terms of your overall business model. I’ll show you how to work out your key web marketing metrics, how to track the return and costs of each of your web marketing channels, how to work out your fundamental costs per new customer and how to look long term and begin to realise your potential lifetime customer values. Most importantly, I’ll show you how understanding these metrics helps you grow your business profitably.

Underpinning my approach to web marketing are two main practices that I follow.

Firstly, we track everything. Our audience will tell us what they want if we are willing to listen and it’s through our web tracking that we are able to listen to their actions. These actions will speak far louder than any words can, if you let them. I will help you listen and react to what they tell us.

Secondly, we are in the age of “paid for” advertising online. We have advertising options spanning search, social, mobile and every device our audience might choose to find you with. I believe that Pay Per Click (PPC) offers you the most effective way to create a business growth system online. I will help you discover and place great ads for your audience in all the right places for your business. My belief in PPC does not mean that any of the other forms of web marketing don’t matter, they do. In fact, I positively encourage you to pursue SEO, Social Media and any other form of online promotion you do.

Like the sound of that? Why not check out my current courses? Or check out our latest web marketing services here at Positive Sparks?

What Is Positive Sparks?

Positive Sparks is a web marketing coaching & consulting agency based on the two main principles mentioned above. We offer Pay Per Click Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation coaching and services to people across the UK and beyond. In practice, this means we’re either training and coaching people towards their own online success, or doing it all on their behalf based around regular consultation with them.

We are accredited partners to many of the well-known online platforms, such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising and LinkedIn. We are constantly learning and training too, there is always so much going on in the world of web marketing and we intend to keep right upfront with all of it, so we can help you do the same, In everything we do, we strive to be friendly, open and honest.

We are constantly learning and training too, there is always so much going on in the world of web marketing and we intend to keep right upfront with all of it, so we can help you do the same, In everything we do, we strive to be friendly, open and honest.

Where Are You?

We have a main base at Mor Workspace in Newquay, Cornwall. It’s from here that we run our 1:1 “in person” coaching and conduct any meetings that our clients wish to have face to face. Mor is located close to a well-serviced airport and Newquay is connected to the main train line coming into Cornwall from London Paddington.

How Do We Work?

Despite our Cornwall base,  we are actually a remote team working from a variety of locations across the world. We utilise a number of the growing range of digital and productivity apps out there to ensure we our workflow effectively, despite being located in a number of different places. If you enjoy using digital apps too, we can easily add you to our work streams on any project we work on together.

Who Will I Meet?

Every project will involve Phil (whom you can meet above) and Jo (whom you can learn all about below). Some projects that require specific skill sets may involve you meeting some of our part time and ad hoc team members too.

About Jo

I’m a virtual assistant by trade but my role at Positive Sparks is to look after our clients, ensuring that all web marketing projects are delivered on time and to expectation. My passion for building strong client relationships is what drives me to focus on delivering the very best for every business we work with.

Furthermore, my attention to detail and meticulous nature mean that I’m in a great position to manage the different aspects of Positive Sparks PPC & CRO marketing strategies. I will work with you on the day to day management of your projects and liaise with you to ensure we have all we need to act at full effect on your behalf or deliver the very best coaching and training we can. My responsibility also extends to managing much of our constant PPC optimisations and enhancements and coordinating content marketing and email marketing campaigns where required – basically anything that frees up Phil to concentrate on delivering what he does best.

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