What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is an internet marketing practice that seeks to increase the percentage of visitors coming to a website who take actions deemed positive. A positive action can be many things, a purchase, the submission of a form, the click of a specific button, the absorption of an item of rich media and so on.

How Does CRO Work?

Conversion Rate Optimisation involves a lot of testing! What we test depends on the campaign and business in question, what testing they have done to date, how much data they already collected from their web marketing and what they want to achieve. Some of the most popular things to test include:

Advert and/or webpage headlines
Advert and/or webpage copy
Advert and/or webpage imagery
Advert and/or webpage button style and location
Web marketing channel traffic impact
Cross platform conversion rate
Cross browser conversion rate

Our CRO Approach

Our CRO is based within Google Analytics and using the statistical data it provides to test the ideas and questions we want to bring to the table. We use a number of pieces of software to help us along the way. These include Google Tag Manager and custom Google Analytics scripts to ensure we have the right trackers in place, through to Optimise and Landing Page software to help us test one version of a webpage versus another. Some CRO companies extend their testing to focus groups, customer surveys and so on. We can work with customer facing partners if you wish to make that part of your CRO project.

A lot of marketing can be rooted in the creative. This is a good thing! Great ideas can change the world. But not every great idea can work. We see our approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation as the practice of measuring which great ideas work in practice, or even which parts of which great ideas work in practice. Our CRO will seek to find statistical significance in one approach to your web presence over another, based on what your audience tells us via your Google Analytics data. Furthermore, our CRO will also seek to give you measured insight into how the insights offered by CRO can help shape your strategy going forward.

CRO Sounds Like A Lot Of Work, and Cost?

It can be! But, there are tools to help. Google are now releasing a number of free to access tools for the purpose of CRO, these include Google Optimize and Google Attribution. Often CRO can find quick wins that quickly monetise onto your bottom line. All in all, every company looking to grow will benefit from Conversion Rate Optimisation, so it’s a matter of finding a way to bring it into your web marketing process in a way that utilises your existing team and adds onto that in a manner that you are able to invest in, based on the potential returns of a higher-converting web presence.

How Big Does A CRO Project Need To Be?

It can be as big or as small as you wish, provided the scope of what you ask is achievable from the limitations of your level of web traffic and existing web presence. CRO can begin simply with one of our Google Analytics Audits. It can expand out wide into an ongoing process aimed towards gradually enhancing the conversion rate of your web presence and in turn making your company more profitable consistently over time.

Who Is CRO For?

Whilst we believe it’s true that every company can benefit from Conversion Rate Optimisation, we recommend you have an established web presence that is already receiving regular conversions of some form online. Ideally, you would have a minimum of 100 conversions a month to truly benefit from an ongoing CRO process. If you are working in a new or young business, why not try one of our Google Analytics Audits first?

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