How to Create Remarkable Remarketing for Your Business


There will almost certainly be times when someone visits your website, but leaves without making a purchase. The good news though is that with remarketing, those potential customers aren’t lost forever. That’s because remarketing provides you with a way of reaching back out to them and putting your brand once again in the forefront of their minds.

With remarketing, you can show targeted ads to people when they’re browsing the web or even checking their Facebook profiles! It’s a great way to reconnect and entice these individuals to come back for another look.

Our How to Create Remarkable Remarketing for Your Business course is designed for people who already have some Google Adwords and Facebook Ads knowledge. That doesn’t mean to say that you need to be highly proficient in both – you don’t, because I will guide you every step of the way – rather just be familiar with each platform.

We’ll also touch on remarketing on other channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, the latter being particularly applicable and powerful for B2B companies – let us know ahead of time if this applies to your business and we can look to customise the course even further to address your specific needs.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create and develop online banner and display advertising campaigns
  • Get the most out of interactive and rich media display formats
  • Strike the right balance between reconnecting with people and not coming across as too pushy
  • Choose the perfect channel to remarket on
  • Manage your remarketing costs
  • Use advertising technologies e.g. targeting and exchanges
  • Integrate display into an overall campaign strategy
  • Measure performance for lead generation and brand building

Furthermore, we’ll also look at how you can use remarketing techniques to connect with people who have been engaging with your Facebook page. This is particularly effective for brands that have a strong Facebook following with lots of post engagement, but not necessarily a business website that attracts a lot of visitors in its own right.

As with every Positive Sparks’ course:

  • We work on YOUR Business. That means you’ll learn and develop your business as we progress.
  • Everything we do is UK focused. We bend web marketing theory, which is often US focused, to make it much more applicable for the UK market and culture.
  • Every one of our courses is reworked to provide the greatest value for you and your business. So, if your business is B2B, we’ll focus on B2B channels.  B2C, B2C channels and so on and so forth.
  • All 1:1 courses are recorded and you get to keep the videos for future reference. This is especially useful if we are working on your individual business.
  • All courses come with a 90-day post-course support option that you can take advantage of with no obligations.

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