LinkedIn Advertising


LinkedIn Advertising for B2B Web Marketing

In line with the growth of Adwords and Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn has also been expanding their promotional opportunities too. What makes LinkedIn unique as an advertising platform is its ability to help you reach very specified audiences of professional people. In 2017, LinkedIn can offer you the ability to reach professional people not only in their general news stream, but to also send a personalised message right into their LinkedIn Inbox. Are you a B2B business? Want to know how LinkedIn can help you reach new customers? It all starts with a FREE chat >

Things LinkedIn Advertising will allow you to do:

  • Target ads to professionals who have a specific job
  • Target ads to professionals who work within a specific industry
  • Target ads to professionals who are members of a specific LinkedIn group
  • Target ads to professionals who have previously visited your website
  • Send personalised messages to professionals directly in their LI inbox

You can also read more about LinkedIn Advertising here:

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