Tanya is the founder of Doing Not Dreaming Life (see https://doingnotdreaminglife.com/). Her business seeks to inspire people to do things they thought they never could, or would. By sharing stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Tanya helps others take their lives in new and far reaching directions. We chat over how she came to form her business, how she developed her practices of helping others notice what holds them back and how they can start to take small steps towards a new direction and aim. Tanya introduces us to the concept of a portfolio career, built upon all the things we want to do, rather than on how much money we believe we should make. Discover Tanya’s way of coping with frightening moments and how to apply her life coaching concepts to your work life too. If you’re looking to make a change in your life or your business, this is the podcast for you. Listen here or subscribe via iTunes on https://lrd.to/positively-sparking. You can also subscribe to our weekly podcast updates on email via https://bit.ly/webmpack