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We can place your business in front of your perfect audience as they search, or engage socially and professionally, online. Our unique blends of Multi-Channel PPC ads span across all search engines and all social media platforms. They will help you interact with your audiences in new and deeper ways.

Once you have good traffic coming to your webpages and online profiles, we can track the actions your perfect people perform as they engage with your brand. From the good data we find within your Web Analytics, we can help you make positive digital business decisions and uncover your own path to growth online.

Latest Projects

Gin Festival

Working with the UK’s original and biggest Gin Festival promoter to sell out their famous events across the UK, grow their online community and promote their craft gins for sale.

Pure Collection

Training the in-house digital team to create their own online growth plan and to launch a first Black Friday promotion campaign across both Facebook and Instagram in the UK and USA.

Secret Gardening Club

Growing the membership of the best “not so secret” online group for keen gardeners across the UK and promoting their weekly plant offers.

Falmouth University

Connecting new potential students with the University and their courses Training the in-house Communications and Sales teams on creating their own digital strategy for recruitment in a changing time for education.

Our Latest Podcasts

Don’t “Start” Your Business, “Design” It with Mark Layder

Mark is the founder of Qollaborate (, a new business connection organisation that seeks to change the way new businesses launch and find their way through the all important first year. Learn why Mark believes you should design your business...

Reviewing The World Of Online Reviews with Nick Bandy

Are you aware of your online reviews? Do you check them? Respond to them? See them as an integral part of your brand marketing? Nick is the co-founder of Reviews Wow (see, a new app that helps you improve and manage your online reputation....

3 Tips To Boost Your Adwords Campaigns Overnight with Phil Byrne

This week I am sitting in the podcast booth alone and I take this opportunity to let you in on three tips I have found tend to have the quickest impact on any Adwords Search campaign. I chat you through why the first place I look at on a campaign that’s new to me is...

What Clients Say?

Positive Sparks are masters of Internet marketing. They are professional, reliable and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sam Goodwill, Director, Lavender World

We knew what we wanted and we knew that we needed to work with someone who had deep understanding of digital and could work at pace. The team have been brilliant, always on call when you need to verify any assumptions and always a confident voice when we were looking to invest marketing budgets quickly.

Phil Argent, Director of Digital, Gin Festival

Phil and Jo are a pleasure to work with, from initial briefing to the end of the project, they keep you informed and ensure that campaigns are running to their full potential. It’s great to have such a reliable and knowledgeable team supporting our digital campaigns.

Kerri Popperwell, Marketing Office, Falmouth University

We have worked with Positive Sparks for a few years now and their knowledge of internet marketing and advertising is excellent. The good work they do has ensured we receive quality traffic to our website on a daily basis.

Rob Ellis, Director, West Yorkshire Steel

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