My name is Phil Byrne
& this is my company Positive Sparks.

We Are
Data-Driven Marketeers
Who Specialise In:

Pay Per Click Advertising & Conversion Rate Optimisation
Coaching & Consulting
Both web marketing methods that allows us to find your path to success
via the most important source of all: your audience.

Two Ways
To Work Together

Learn With Phil

As a business owner or manager, I believe it’s so important for you to understand your web marketing. I want you to know how to track your marketing performance. To see where your website leaks and where it can grow. I will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to discover your own path to growth and success online.

In all of our courses, you will work directly with me and we will focus everything we do on your business specifically. As you learn, you'll also be developing your own company online.
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Done For You

Your business is growing and you want to grow more, but you don’t have the time to learn and do your own marketing. Our “done for you” services ensure that we create high-level online advertising campaigns for you and report back in whatever depth you wish on how your business is performing online.

Our "Done For You" web marketing services allow you to work with the team here at Positive Sparks to find your markets online and to enhance your communication with them. Click to view our current PPC & CRO services

Recent Testimonies

As a company we wanted to gain some fast and positive growth in all our digital universes including GA, Facebook, TGM, Instagram, paid marketing, paid social marketing, REM and many other areas. We knew what we wanted and we knew that we needed to work with someone who had deep understanding of digital and could work at pace.

The team have been brilliant, always on call when you need to verify any assumptions and always a confident voice when we were looking to invest marketing budgets at pace. Thanks so far.

September 7, 2017

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