How To Create a Cracking Online Strategy for Your Business


Are you a marketing professional who wants to take all the amazing stuff you do offline and make it work online? Maybe you’re already pursuing a web marketing strategy, but aren’t quite getting the results you’d hoped for?

I am here to help you every step of the way to create a digital/web marketing strategy that works for YOUR business.

The bottom line is that a well-planned web/digital marketing strategy is the foundation of your online success. It should look at your specific business needs, decide what positive outcomes you want to achieve and define how you will use the various channels at your disposal to achieve said outcomes.

But much of the material, information and indeed training you see online is designed for US-based businesses or businesses that are vastly different to yours. While the core premises are still sound, nothing beats a course that is focused specifically on your business.

That’s why I created one!

We take all your existing knowledge about web marketing channels and techniques, like social media, SEO and PPC, and show you how you can use them to drive real results for your business online.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define your specific web marketing goals
  • Replicate your offline marketing results online
  • Best utilise the tools and channels you already know to drive real results for your business
  • Find your ideal online market
  • Distinguish your USPs and promote them via various digital channels
  • Reach the right people online – making them aware of your company, brand and USPs so that at the perfect moment, you can invite them to do business with you

In addition, I’ll introduce you to all the great tools we use here at Positive Sparks for web marketing. Even if there’s just one you haven’t used before, it might just be one that turns out to be pivotal for your online success going forward.

As with every Positive Sparks’ course:

  • We work on YOUR business. That means you’ll learn and develop your business as we progress.
  • Everything we do is UK focused. We bend web marketing theory, which is often US focused, to make it much more applicable for the UK market and culture.
  • Every one of our courses is reworked to provide the greatest value for you and your business. So, if your business is B2B, we’ll focus on B2B channels. B2C, B2C channels and so on and so forth.
  • All 1:1 courses are recorded and you get to keep the videos for future reference. This is especially useful if we are working on your individual business.
  • All courses come with a 90-day post-course support option that you can take advantage of with no obligations.

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