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Hear your audience speak via the messages they leave for you, hidden within your data


Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for any website owner to gain great insights from. If you want to make the most of your Google Analytics setup though, why not let us take a look at it with you?

Google believes that over 90% of all Google Analytics setups have an issue within their makeup that prevented their data from reporting accurately. Additionally, we find that over half of our customers are not aware that Analytics is able to report the very actions they wished they had more insight into on their websites.

Would you like to:

  • Walk through your web data with someone who can guide you through how it relates to your key business questions?
  • Setup up tracking or reporting for a specific set of actions or events that you are interested in?
  • Remove spam, internal staff or any other variants that skew your reports?
  • See clearly how all channels of marketing for your business affect your web traffic and conversions?
  • Ensure conversions are being recorded accurately?
  • Understand your key metrics and what your data is telling you about your business?

Discover the online business truth in your data. Let us unlock the secrets it wants to tell you?
Just let us know your business KPI’s and we’ll take you through it all from there.

Let’s start with a chat about what you want GA to tell you?

Recent Google Analytics Projects

West Yorkshire Steel

Keeping the first UK steel supplier to embrace the web at the very forefront of the online steel market.

Pure Collection

Training the in-house digital team to create their own online growth plan and to launch a first Black Friday promotion campaign across both Facebook and Instagram in the UK and USA.

Secret Gardening Club

Growing the membership of the best “not so secret” online group for keen gardeners across the UK and promoting their weekly plant offers.

Falmouth University

Connecting new potential students with the University and their courses Training the in-house Communications and Sales teams on creating their own digital strategy for recruitment in a changing time for education.

Working With Positive Sparks

Positive Sparks are masters of Internet marketing. They are professional, reliable and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sam Goodwill, Director, Lavender World

We knew what we wanted and we knew that we needed to work with someone who had deep understanding of digital and could work at pace. The team have been brilliant, always on call when you need to verify any assumptions and always a confident voice when we were looking to invest marketing budgets quickly.

Phil Argent, Director of Digital, Gin Festival

Phil and Jo are a pleasure to work with, from initial briefing to the end of the project, they keep you informed and ensure that campaigns are running to their full potential. It’s great to have such a reliable and knowledgeable team supporting our digital campaigns.

Kerri Popperwell, Marketing Office, Falmouth University

We have worked with Positive Sparks for a few years now and their knowledge of internet marketing and advertising is excellent. The good work they do has ensured we receive quality traffic to our website on a daily basis.

Rob Ellis, Director, West Yorkshire Steel

Interested? Intrigued?

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