Is PPC or CRO For You?



here are so many ways to promote our businesses online thesedays, so what can PPC and CRO offer that some of the other forms of web marketing (like SEO, Content or Social Media Marketing) cannot?

PPC is the only form of web marketing, across both search and social, that allows you to be in complete control of both your message and your audience. If you’re a new business, PPC can put you right in front of your key target market right away. If you’re an established business, PPC can build from all of your current web and social visitors to find more and more people just like them.

Once you start to pull more and more traffic from PPC, (and all of your web marketing channels), CRO can then start to hone down on what parts of your web presence are working well and which parts are not. CRO will seek to improve your web presence and experience through the testing and measurement of how your audiences react and respond to different marketing ideas. This consistent testing means that your website and online presence consistently improves its ability to entice positive actions. When we combine PPC and CRO together and send more and more targeted traffic to a web presence that converts more and more of it into leads and sales, we have a recipe for a rapidly growing online business.

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