Performance Based PPC Digital Marketing Agency

What if you only paid your marketing agency when you made a sale or generated a lead?


With our performance based PPC services, you can do just that.

We help you grow your business by placing ads for your products or services on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and a host of 3rd party websites via the Google Display Network. You only pay us when you achieve a sale or lead. There are no traditional monthly agency fees. Instead, you get to focus all of your advertising budget on actual clicks to your web pages and social posts.

For performance based PPC to work for both parties, we will need:
1. Accurate conversion tracking in place on your website. (We can help you install this if it’s not already there.)
2. Products or services that have some history of sales in their market.
3. A profit margin that allows you to pay an agreed commission rate on all sales or leads.

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Recent PPC Advertising Projects

Gin Festival

Working with the UK’s original and biggest Gin Festival promoter to sell out their famous events across the UK, grow their online community and promote their craft gins for sale.

Pure Collection

Training the in-house digital team to create their own online growth plan and to launch a first Black Friday promotion campaign across both Facebook and Instagram in the UK and USA.

Secret Gardening Club

Growing the membership of the best “not so secret” online group for keen gardeners across the UK and promoting their weekly plant offers.


Promoting the unique IQ diamond to people searching for jewellery that is beautiful, ethical and kind to the earth.

Interested? Intrigued?

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