It’s our 100th episode and we launch our new podcast name! As we look back on all the interviews we’ve enjoyed to date, we also welcome and reflect with Lizzie, the founder and host of the Humble Retreat (see A place for people to come out of the hectic days we live in and restore, refresh and explore themselves with others doing the same. After a fast moving career in the technology industry, Lizzie tells us how she came to leave the startup world behind to form The Humble Retreat. We explore why its important for all of us, entrepreneurs included, to take time out from our fast world and reconnect with who we are and what we want from the world. Things we can then take back into our own lives and businesses and bring both more purpose. If you’re looking to find restoration in your everyday, this is the podcast for you and a fine show for both our 100th episode and our first as Digital Sparks. Listen here or subscribe via iTunes on This podcast was brought to you by