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These days there are a whole host of social media platforms, all that target different parts of our society and the different ways we like to communicate. Advertising is usually the route by which all social media platforms become profitable businesses in their own right. This in turn gives all of us a whole wealth of opportunity to reach our target market wherever they are. Here are three of our favourite social media platforms to advertise on outside of Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Advertising

For any B2B product or service, your audience is most definitely on Their advertising opportunities can help you reach very specified audiences of professional people – both in their general news stream, and also through a personalised message right into their LinkedIn Inbox.

LinkedIn Advertising allows us to:

  • Target ads to professionals who have a specific job
  • Target ads to professionals who work within a specific industry
  • Target ads to professionals who are members of a specific LinkedIn group
  • Target ads to professionals who have previously visited your website
  • Send personalised messages to professionals directly in their LI inbox
Twitter Advertising

Twitter is the most instant social network out there. Most of the big news stories throughout the world tend to break on Twitter first. As a platform, it is the only social media channel out there that can justifiably claim to be both B2B and B2C. Twitter advertising allows you to:

  • Target ads to people who you want to build followers from
  • Target ads to people who are following current trending topics
  • Target ads to people who live in a specific location
  • Target ads to people who follow a specific hashtag
  • Target ads to people using a specific device
YouTube Advertising

If you have great video creative, YouTube advertising is a must for you to truly maximise the exposure of that video. Available through the Adwords platform, YouTUbe advertising allows us to place your video content before, during or after the YouTube video content your audience are engaging with. As with all Adwords Display advertising, YouTube allows us to:

  • Target video ads to people who have previously engaged with our web pages
  • Target video ads to people on our email subscriber lists
  • Target video ads to people who have an affinity with a specific topic
  • Target video ads to people who are currently in the market for a specific need

In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, we can also promote your brand through advertising on Snapchat, Skype, Spotify and more.

Recent Social Advertising Projects

Gin Festival

Working with the UK’s original and biggest Gin Festival promoter to sell out their famous events across the UK, grow their online community and promote their craft gins for sale.


Promoting the beautiful lavender products, all sourced from their natural lavender farm in the North Yorkshire countryside, through search and shopping PPC campaigns.

Secret Gardening Club

Growing the membership of the best “not so secret” online group for keen gardeners across the UK and promoting their weekly plant offers.


Launching one of the cleanest, most nutritious foods in the USA to their target audiences of diabetics, celiacs and athletes.

Working With Positive Sparks

Positive Sparks are masters of Internet marketing. They are professional, reliable and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sam Goodwill, Director, Lavender World

We knew what we wanted and we knew that we needed to work with someone who had deep understanding of digital and could work at pace. The team have been brilliant, always on call when you need to verify any assumptions and always a confident voice when we were looking to invest marketing budgets quickly.

Phil Argent, Director of Digital, Gin Festival

Phil and Jo are a pleasure to work with, from initial briefing to the end of the project, they keep you informed and ensure that campaigns are running to their full potential. It’s great to have such a reliable and knowledgeable team supporting our digital campaigns.

Kerri Popperwell, Marketing Office, Falmouth University

We have worked with Positive Sparks for a few years now and their knowledge of internet marketing and advertising is excellent. The good work they do has ensured we receive quality traffic to our website on a daily basis.

Rob Ellis, Director, West Yorkshire Steel

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