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Are you looking to expand your web marketing operations and recruit some new talent? Maybe you’re just beginning your web marketing journey and want some talented freelancers to help give you the best possible start?

Today, web marketing recruitment is very different from how it used to be. Long gone are the days of companies having a junior member of staff looking after their social media accounts. That’s because digital channels have become pivotal for the success of so many modern businesses.

What makes a person great at digital marketing is practise, marketing knowledge and also an in-depth understanding of your business i.e. what makes it tick and succeed, and what doesn’t.

That’s why many of the most forward-thinking companies today are increasingly recruiting for specific web marketing roles, rather than have one person running SEO, social media, PPC, etc. – all of which require very different skills, yet have been thinly spread (traditionally) across a whole marketing team.

What about freelancers vs. permanent employees?

There is a world of talented freelancers and remote web marketing individuals out there, which means that not all of your marketing team need to be full-time, in-house employees.

In fact, a web marketing team made up of freelancers actually works better for many businesses as they can easily scale it up or down as needed. This is particularly advantageous for seasonal businesses or companies that simply want more flexibility.

But if you’ve never worked with freelancers before, the thought might seem a little daunting. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

We can help you find the perfect permanent, part time and/or ad hoc members of staff for your business’s web marketing needs. Even the right freelancers for you to work with on a short- or long-term basis

How we can help

We’ll help you find the perfect individuals for your business. We’ll work with you to create a job brief that’s right on the money, which will whittle down applications, creating a much more defined shortlist.

We’ll also interview these individuals with you. While you might not know much about web marketing, we do, and our expertise can be invaluable when you’re looking to recruit someone, but aren’t sure how their skills and experience stack up.

Finally, we’ll pre-screen everyone on your list of potential candidates to ensure you don’t waste your time with anyone who isn’t quite there yet, meaning you’ll only see and interview superstars.

So, if you want some help with your web marketing recruitment. Talk to us. We can help you find the right people for YOUR business and get them on board driving the results you desire.

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